A gorgeous and finely made Colima Gadrooned Bowl. Eighteen defined lobes in blackware -Very Rare. Symmetrical and well balanced in form. The combination of surface color, mineral deposits and root marks makes this an unusual and very elegant looking piece. Definitely captures your attention. Measures 5.5"/13.97cm in height 7.5”/19.05cm in length. West Mexico 100 BC - 200 AD.

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Sequence of major Archaeological cultural phases in pre-hispanic Peru are:

Chavin; Huari; Paracas; Vicus; Recuay; Nazca; Salinar; Mochica/Moche; Tiahuanaco; Chimu; Ica; Chancay; Inca

If you are searching for a book that
ties together Andean mythology, Incan
Historical Data and a new approach to
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