Palmer Notched Incised. Carved stone figurine with face and legs indicated (notched).  This beautiful Formative period stone is orange in color due to the enriched iron and magnesium matrix in which it was found. Deep incised carving creates this more elaborate charming face. Breast are also well defined. Very large and rare piece. These finer type stones start to appear in stage 3-4.  Choice condition.

Measures 7”/17.78 cm in height. Santa Elena, Ecuador Ca 2300 BC - 1450 BC.

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Sequence of major Archaeological cultural phases in pre-hispanic Peru are:

Chavin; Huari; Paracas; Vicus; Recuay; Nazca; Salinar; Mochica/Moche; Tiahuanaco; Chimu; Ica; Chancay; Inca

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