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We dedicate our expertise to providing our clientele with exquisite collections of unique and the most impressive Pre-Columbian art available.  Each piece presented is appreciated and respected for its time laden workmanship. One can only be humbled by the detail and precision, interpreting these creations as

nothing less than ancient and cultural fine art.

Every item offered by Galeria Con-Tici is subjected to microscopic

analysis and is unconditionally guaranteed to be of the culture and

age described.

We are happy and proud to present our extensive on-line collection for your viewing pleasure and consideration.

All artifacts acquired by Galeria Con-Tici have been legally obtained. Galeria Con-Tici abides by all state and local laws as per articles “The Antiquities Act of 1906, UNESCO  1970, Ratification in 1972 and UNIDROIT 1995".

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