Chancay Doll with False Head
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An exceptional Chancay funerary doll with false head. Finely made and unrivaled in size. Composed of wrapped reed, sticks and vegetal fibers. Head is a wooden plank painted red, eyes are diamond shaped in white with a separated attached nose in brown. Wears a yarn wig woven textile headdress embroidered with spiritual serpents. Gauze tunic and textile apron garment. Holds a textile bag with both hands, containing a large string ball. Measures 20"/50.80 cm in length. Extremely Rare. Chancay valley of central Peru. Ca. 1000 - 1250 A.D.

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The Sacred Valley of the Incas: Myths and Symbols
This deeply engraved bone idol is a Dignitary
holding ritual objects. Surrounding the
central figure are decorations of large bands
of geometric shapes with small interlocking
frets that progresses into the back..
An adorable set of four miniature
assorted bowls. Black-on-red resist
painted. Each distinctively designed.
Deposits throughout surface with
some rim chips and pitting...

A charming trio of small Bahia-type solid standing figurines. Each are sweet and unique. The first wears an elaborate ear and nose ornaments. All measure over 4" in height. Custom metal stand…  

If you are searching for a book that
ties together Andean mythology, Incan
Historical Data and a new approach to
those applications and relevancies into
today, this book will impress you.

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Superbly crafted Jamacoaque pectoral
mask depicting a shaman in transformation,
possibly into a dragon or other. Nicely
detailed with crisply incised teeth, horns on
the forehead and excellent paint throughout.
Choice condition.
Page 1299
An excellent Inca copper Axe. Very
symmetric in shape, having a T-form
hafting base and curved blade. This
copper axe was made for someone of
high status. Common utilitarian axes…
PEIC-130 Inca Copper Axe ECBH-102 Set of 3 Bahia de Caraquez Figurines
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art on: click below
ECJM-113 Jamacoaque Shaman Mask PEWI-118 Tiwanaku Large Bone Stele
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An ultra rare find. Burnished ceramic headrest with incised designs. Calderon, Manabi, Ecuador. 1800/300BC. Measures over 6" in length by 4" in height…

Chorrera Incised Headrest

ECCH-104 Chorrera Incised Headrest

Costa Rican Seated Sukia

Beautifully sculptured work of art in volcanic stone. Seated on a small platform in near choice condition. Front of both feet slightly damaged during antiquity. Guapiles region, Costa Rica. 1000/…

CR-104 Costa Rican Seated Sukia

Large hardcover 9.5” by 12” coffee table book.  It organizes, for the first time, an integral view of the ancient mastery of copper. Offers a brilliant display of objects that have been well chosen by premiere authors to be artistic and informative, as well as…

Cobre - The Ancient Copper of Peru

This three dimensional stage 2-3 Palmer Notched type is one of the rarest “Venus” type pieces that one will ever come across. Wonderful emphasis on pure geometry in style. Simple yet expressive. Her elongated headdress signifies her importance. The abundance of Dendrites throughout…

Valdivian “Venus” Palmer Stone

ECVA-116 Valdivian Venus Princess Stone

Bahia de Caraquez Figurine

A choice Los Esteros solid type standing figurine. Immense nose wearing a ring ornament and applied large coffee bean eyes. Red pigment across top of head, cheeks, upper and lower torso. Completely intact…

ECBH-106 Bahia de Caraquez Figurine

Jamacoaque Headrest

Very nice and rare Jamacoaque Headrest. Two pedestals support the incised platform - single line with three holes on both ends. Faint orange slip still visible with plenty of dendrites throughout. Lower…

ECJM-114 Jamacoaque Headrest

Valdivian Palmer Stone

Palmer Notched Incised. Carved stone figurine with face and legs indicated (notched).  This beautiful Formative period stone is orange in color due to the enriched iron and magnesium matrix in which it was found. Deep incised carving creates this more elaborate charming face...

Large Moche/Mochica Wooden Scepter

A Masterpiece of Mochica workmanship. This flawless wooden scepter was probably made for a heroic warrior chief for his achievements. Such a person was worthy of great respect. The intricacy of…

PEMC-104 Moche/Mochica Wooden Scepter

Large La Tolita Parrot

A gorgeous Parrot from La Tolita culture, Ecuador. As with most clay pottery from this culture, the detail and realism are always striking. This large bird is sitting on top of a domed base posed with head turned, preening its feathers. Nice incised detail over head and body…

ECLT-112 Large La Tolita Parrot

Large Chancay Mummy Bundle Mask

An excellent and robust Chancay Mummy Bundle Mask. Made from the Alder tree with uniformly applied red cinnabar. Wears a traditional and colorful headband made of Camelid fibers with a superb…

PECH-106 Chancay Mummy Bundle Mask

Guanacaste Incensario

A wonderful crocodilian ceramic vessel. This ritual incense burner has a top cover finalized with a portrayal of an aggressive spiny Caiman. Three rows of exaggerated pointed scutes crowns his elongated head. Two Double rows of bead shape appliqué surround the upper and lower…

Nicoya Tigrillo Teeth, Stone and Shell Choker

A gorgeous colorful short choker from Costa Rica. Centered light colored tube stone surrounded by six Tigrillo canines on both sides (twelve in all). All separated by green Jadeite stones and brilliant orange Spondylus shells

CR-112 Nicoya Teeth, Stone and Shell Choker

Guangala Bone Boundary Markers

An extraordinary pair of carved bone tenons, most likely used as boundary markers. This high elite is heavily embellished throughout his body in prototypical geometric Guangala fashion. Stands with arms across the chest wearing a royal headdress. To exemplify power, the Jaguar…

CR-114 Guanacaste Incensario

This lime container was made from a pear shaped gourd. Overall color is deep red with simple black lines. Fragile yellow/brown cotton twine enwraps a piece of bark paper around the neck with several attached seed pods. The calero was hung around an individuals neck…

Tairona Poporo - Calero

Inca Copper Effigies - Set

A pair of ceremonial Copper Female Effigies. Possibly made from same mold. Measuring 2" in height. Each individual have hands held up to they're chest. Their hair and garments appear to be long…

CBTR-105 Tairona Poporo (Calero) ECVA-127 Valdivian Palmer Stone Page 1261
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