Manteño Seated Figure Incensario

An attractive and large ceramic incensario. A broad shouldered naked male seated in a frontal pose on a stool with a stepped base. Facial features are incredibly bold and realistic. Wears traditional large disc ear plugs. The shallow platter type headdress is very large, measuring over 10”/25.4 cm in Diameter.  Excellent motifs on upper chest and back indicates the high rank of this individual. Highly burnished marbleized brown-black ceramic contributes to its beauty.

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The Sacred Valley of the Incas: Myths and Symbols
A sweet Effigy Jar from the Chorrera
culture, Ecuador. Ca. 1000-500 BC.
This open bowl vessel is mold made.
Reddish clay under slip and burnished.
Adolescent in appearance. Wears over-
sized ear plugs (napkin ring type)...

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This rare late Inca vessel is in the
form of a Criollo bull. These robust
cattle were brought in by the
Spanish during the conquest of the
Americas during the…

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This unique war Sling was well
constructed and made of twisted
human hair and braided with Llama
wool. Common huaracas were
generally made with more elaborate
complex braids using multiple
contrast colored Llama fibers. One

Special  1,295.00 USD
PEIC-119 Inca Warriors Huaraca (Waraka)

A superb “T” shaped serpentine stone celt from the Inca culture, Ecuador. Rich dark green in color with gold spotting throughout. Surface is highly polished with some abrasive wear…

Special  945.00 USD

PEIC-122 Inca Criollo Vessel
Pre-Columbian Artifacts for Seasoned and Inspired Collectors Alike
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Beautifully carved and handsome Nariño
Bone Pendent. Very scarce item, due to
the areas natural humid environment.
Scattered mixed dendrites throughout
mask. Completely intact and in fine
condition. Nariño region,
Colombian / Ecuador. 800-1250AD.

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Fine and rare roller pin type sello. Deeply impressed geometric designs. The function of Pre-Columbian seals has long been a matter of debate. They were not used to stamp clay like Near Eastern…

Jamacoaque Rolling Pin Type Seal

ECJM-111 Jamacoaque Rolling Pin Type Seal

Portrayed in this rattling vessel, the Mayan Bat God called "Camazotz". Inhabited in Xibalba - the god of darkness, violence and sacrifice…

Mayan Camazotz Rattle Vessel

MTMY-102 Mayan Rattle Vessel

Handsome torso of a Dignitary. Hollow grayware pottery. Fragmentary figure depicting a male wearing a tall, conical headdress having a central tassel and a broad segmented collar around his neck…

La Tolita / Tumaco Torso of a Dignitary

ECLT-109 La Tolita / Tumaco Torso of a Dignitary
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Royal Inca Silver Plugs

An extraordinary pair of choice Inca Royal ear spools. Silver plated, straight style plug. Continuous scroll work of the eternity symbol on outer parameter. Hunter/warrior with animal repousse motifs…

PEIC-113 Royal Inca Silver Plugs

Guangala Standing Figure

Handsome Guangala figure. Standing as if he was offering himself with hands and arms to his side. Very nice handling of the incised body motif. Burnished surface. Restored. Whistle is…

ECGG-105 Guangala Standing Figure

Quimbaya Champlevé Incensario Bowl

Superb example of meticulous Quimbayan workmanship in red ware pottery. Deep cut away in champlevé (chip-carving) technique on outer surface. Ample mineral deposit throughout. No repairs…

CBQB-102 Quimbaya Champlevé Incensario Bowl

Bahia Female Whistling Vessel

Gorgeous vessel of an unclothed Bahian woman. Adorned with a necklace, ear plugs and nose ring. Functional whistle. Restored. Measures 21 cm. Manabi region, Ecuador 500 BC - 500 AD. Outstanding…

ECBH-105 Bahia Female Whistling Vessel

Valdivia - Chorrera Ceremonial Feline Stone Mortar

This is an exceptional and choice stone sculpture of the Transition Style. Beautiful spiral perforation on the tail. Dark green coloring. Valdivia region, Ecuador. 2000BC/300BC Measuring 5" long by 2 3/4" tall…

ECCH-110 Valdivia - Chorrera Ceremonial Feline Stone Mortar

Valdivian Stone Idol

Near Perfect symmetric Valdivian sand stone plaque. Bas-relief with deeply excised carvings. Good age deposits throughout. Chebe Region, Ecuador. Phase 8. Measures 7 1/4" in height by 4 1/4” wide…

ECVA-105 Valdivian Stone Idol

Valdivian Stone Plaque

Beautifully sized Valdivian sand stone plaque. Bas-relief with deeply incised carvings. Calcium Carbonate incrustations throughout. Chebe Region, Ecuador. Phase 8. Fine Condition. Measures…

ECVA-106 Valdivian Stone Plaque

Large Chancay Staff

A hansom and  large Chancay Staff. Made from a light wood (Alder tree) that measures 21" in length. Iconic homogeneous face finial. Strong brow, nose and sculpted chin. Eyes are carved…

PECH-107 Large Chancay Burial Staff CBTR-102 Tairona Zoomorphic Rattle Dish

Tairona Zoomorphic Rattle Dish

rphic Jar

Rare and impressive zoomorphic dish from the Tairona culture. Two upturned zoomorphic rattling heads on ends and six animal heads centered on dish body. No repairs. Choice condition…

Manteño Parrot Shell Mortar

A wonderful Manteño shell mortar in the shape of a parakeet. This adorable miniature mortar was de-accessioned from the collection of the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC (inventory 67.12.12). Published in the book “The Pre-Columbian Collection…

ECMT-111 Manteño Parakeet Shell Mortar

Chorrera Belly Bowl

ECCH-102 Chorrera Belly Bowl

An Excellent Chorrera supine effigy vessel with Cerro Narrio style modeling. Commonly named "belly bowl" as having a collared rim central opening. Head, arms and mammiform legs are punched out from…

Valdivian Ceremonial Hacha

Wonderful large ceremonial hacha from The Valdivian culture, Ecuador. Gorgeous green diorite stone. Highly polished. Choice condition. Measures 14.5"/36.83cm in height by 9"/22.86cm wide, 16.5"/41.91…

ECVA-102 Valdivian Ceremonial Hacha