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A splendid double sided Wari (Huari) Staffed Sun God beaker.

Relief sculpted out of a dark hard wood. Middle Horizon 650 to 1050AD.

The figure represents the Sun God by the rays projecting out of his head. Open arms holding staffs that are finalized with severed trophy heads. Formed (Wari style) patterns on his headband indicates high social status. Other than this branding, it bears remarkable similarity to the deity depicted on the Gateway of the Sun in Tiwanaku. The Wari and Tiwanaku shared similar religious iconography. We believe this is an illustration that would eventually become the principal Andean deity - Lord Viracocha  "Creator of all things".

A very unique and rare piece. Excellent overall patina.

Measures 3.75", 9.52cm. Central highlands, Peru.

Ex. Private collection of Sam Johnson, Murfreesboro, Arkansas

Wari Staffed Sun God Beaker - Rare
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