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An excellent group of basalt stone sculptures from Tiwanaku. Each wonderfully decorated with intricatecarvings. Possibly votive objects. Altiplano Region, Tiwanaku. Ca. 600 A.D.

The puma (chachapuma) which is believed to have supernatural powers stands on all fours. Mouth exposes it’s canines teeth. Ears are back with squared eyes. Tail is forward yet shows twisting. Incised marking displays birds and other motifs. Measures: 4.25”/10.79 cm L, 3”/7.62 H, 1.75”/4.44 cm D. PEWI-134CA - Sold

The Warrior head is possibly a ritual display of a severed head. Tiwanaku elites were obsessed with decapitations. Wears a very defined Puma (chachapuma) headdress. The feline is aggressive with ears pulled back exposing all frontal teeth. Banded fret pattern collar and hind legs are finalized with avian heads. The side earflaps of the hat are also highly decorated with motifs. Measures: 5.75”/14.60 cm H, 2.75”/6.98 cm W, 4”/10.16 cm D. PEWI-134CB - Sold

The Kneeling figure is a dignitary figure and resembles the kneeling statues from Pokotia. Arms lowered to his abdomen with index fingers meeting at the middle. Squared head, eyes, mouth and nose. Banded crown shows some geometric patterns. Measures: 5.5”/ 13.97 cm H, 1.75”/4.44 cm W, 2.75”/6.98 cm D. PEWI-134CC - Sold

Provenance: Private Florida Collection

Ref: The Tiwanaku - Alan L. Kolata; Identity and Power in the Ancient Andes - John Wayne Janusek

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Tiwanaku Basalt Stone Group
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