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Pre-Columbian Artifacts for Seasoned and Inspired Collectors Alike

Cemeteries have discovered abstract lithic masks, of obvious religious causality. Each mask presents its own iconic character that impacts with individual personality.

The mouth and eyes are pierced. Eyebrows and nose in relief joined in a T-shape. Zig-Zag steps tattoos below his eyes down into his cheeks. Three small holes for fastening at the top. Catamarca region, Argentina. Condorhuasi-Alamito culture, ca. 500 B.C. - 250 A.D.


Sequence of major Archaeological cultural phases in pre-hispanic Peru are:

Chavin; Huari/Wari; Paracas; Vicus; Recuay; Nazca; Salinar; Mochica/Moche; Tiahuanaco/Tiwanaku; Chimu; Ica; Chancay; Inca

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A unique scientific and illustrated study
on one of the oldest and most enduring
genres of ceramics in Ecuador: the sello,
or seal.
This book provides a full description of
103 burials, spanning a period of more
than 3,500 years. useful to specialists in
Andean and New World archaeology as
well as to collectors of pre-Columbian art.
Offers a comprehensive source on
Peruvian copper. Large coffee table book
with brilliant display of objects that have
been well chosen by premiere authors
to be artistic and informative.

If you are searching for a book that
ties together Andean mythology, Incan
Historical Data and a new approach to
those applications and relevancies into
today, this book will impress you.

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This second book in the Yale University
Publications in Anthropology series
dedicated to the Machu Picchu collections
Recovered early in the twentieth century
from Machu Picchu by Hiram Bingham…
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