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Inca Criollo Bull Vessel
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Post contact. This rare late Inca vessel is in the form of a Criollo bull (Costeño con Cuernos). These robust cattle were brought in by the Spanish during the conquest of the Americas during the 16th century. This center spouted vessel shows a very healthy and stout animal with small lyre shaped horns. Overall brown slip with additional red and white paint embellishments. Measures 8.75”/22,22 cm. in length, 6.25”/15,87 cm. in height. Pucara, Peru. Ca. Mid to Late 16th century.

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Today, these type ceramic figures are replicated as they became recognized symbolically. They appear whimsically and called Torito de Pucará. Grown into a traditional talisman to serve as a reminder to the powerful animal which brought them growth and development throughout later Andean history.  

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