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An impressive Inca Aryballo with Chimu influence. Attractive and well defined. Each squarish quadrant has embossed stylistic birds incorporated on the upper half with tiny raised dot elements in the contrasting background.  Traditional pointed bottom, side loop handles and a simple center lug. These vessels were mold made and quality diminished with production. This vessels impressions are sharp and of higher caliber which suggest first casts and for ceremonial use. To achieve this shiny black finish, firing at a high temperature in a closed kiln was used along with stone burnishing.

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Inca, Peru. Ca 15th century.  Measures 8"/20.32cm respectively

As with all ceramics from these time periods, they met two functions: simple daily domestic use with less finishing and ceremonial vessels that showed higher aesthetic commitment.  

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Inca Burnish Black Aryballo - Urpus
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