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An excellent globular effigy vessel from the Michoacan culture, Mexico. Ca. 100 B.C. - 250 A.D. Stands over 10" in height. Cream paint over highly burnished red slip. A sweet rectangular face on extended rim with arms painted in front. An additional representation of a bird with outstretched wings in reverse on sides.

Comparable example is published in The Teuchitlan Tradition and a similar pot is owned by the American Museum of Natural History albeit without the superior quality and size possessed by this Galeria Contici vessel.


Sequence of major Archaeological cultural phases in pre-hispanic Mesoamerica are:

Monte Alto; Olmec; Monte Albán; Mayan; Teotihuacan; Michoacan; Zapotec; Jalisco; Nayarit; Colima; Mezcala; Chupicuaro; Veracruz; Tarascan; Mixtec; Tula; Toltec;  Aztec

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