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Stunning Chontal Transitional Mask
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On the threshold between two traditions, the new Teotihuacan style emerges. A wealth of details such as an overall naturalistic triangulation of the face with proportional forehead. Sunken almond shaped eyes, fleshy nostrils with better defined nasal labial folds. Deeply shaped mouth, complimented by a Cupid's bow feature. Restrained ear flanges with top perforated holes. Rare.

The roots of the style, the stone and the workmanship are still manifestly Chontal.

Middle phase Chontal. 300 - 100 B.C. Mexico. Measures 5.25”/13.33 cm H, 4.5”/11.43 cm W, 2”/5.08 D. Fine example.

Ref. Chontal - Ancient Stone Sculpture from Guerrero Mexico Ref. Chontal - Ancient Stone Sculpture from Guerrero Mexico

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