This superlative pear-shaped polychrome ceramic vessel has two protruding crocodile heads with a beautiful complex painted motif that stands on hollow rattle tripod legs. Openwork mouth prominently exposes his upper and lower teeth. A ritual imagery of Tlaloc is decorated between the upper and lower geometric designs. Buff Tan slip, burnished, with black and orange-red paint.

The powerful crocodile prevailed in design schemes at an earlier period. The added human or deity face on this vessel makes it very unique as both symbols are associated simultaneously with the rains, fertility and life giver.

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The Sacred Valley of the Incas: Myths and Symbols
This deeply engraved bone idol is a Dignitary
holding ritual objects. Surrounding the
central figure are decorations of large bands
of geometric shapes with small interlocking
frets that progresses into the back..
An adorable set of four miniature
assorted bowls. Black-on-red resist
painted. Each distinctively designed.
Deposits throughout surface with
some rim chips and pitting...

A charming trio of small Bahia-type solid standing figurines. Each are sweet and unique. The first wears an elaborate ear and nose ornaments. All measure over 4" in height. Custom metal stand…  

If you are searching for a book that
ties together Andean mythology, Incan
Historical Data and a new approach to
those applications and relevancies into
today, this book will impress you.

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Superbly crafted Jamacoaque pectoral
mask depicting a shaman in transformation,
possibly into a dragon or other. Nicely
detailed with crisply incised teeth, horns on
the forehead and excellent paint throughout.
Choice condition.
Page 1299
An excellent Inca copper Axe. Symmetric
in shape, having a T-form hafting base
and curved blade. Refined copper axes
were produced for higher status
individuals. Common utilitarian axes…
PEIC-130 Inca Copper Axe ECBH-102 Set of 3 Bahia de Caraquez Figurines
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art on: click below
ECJM-113 Jamacoaque Shaman Mask PEWI-118 Tiwanaku Large Bone Stele
This second book in the Yale University
Publications in Anthropology series
dedicated to the Machu Picchu collections
Recovered early in the twentieth century
from Machu Picchu by Hiram Bingham…
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Tiwanaku Black Incensario

Blackware vessels displaying incised decorations form an important subgroup of Tiwanaku pottery and are classified as fine "Classic" ceramics. This open vessel has a feline/puma head, flat bottom and tail-handle in rear.

Michoacan Large Effigy Vessel

An excellent globular effigy vessel from the Michoacan culture, Mexico. Ca. 100 B.C. - 250 A.D. Stands over 10" in height. Cream paint over highly burnished red slip. A sweet rectangular face on extended rim with arms painted in front. An additional representation of a bird…

Valdivian Phase 2 Palmer Stone

Valdivian Phase 2 Rounded Palmer Stone. Made from course Volcanic stone. Carefully incised anthropomorphic features covering the front. Measures 3.75" in height 1.5” width.

Loma Alta, Ecuador Ca 2500 BC - 2200 BC…

A superb Bahia hollow figure from Ecuador - La Plata Hueco Type. Depicts a standing female with hands held to her mid-section. She is wearing a long skirt decorated with incised and painted designs…

Bahia de Caraquez Figurine

Gorgeous and impressive amphora. Faded negative resist black geometric decoration on a cream background with red-brown geometric decorative painted highlights. Scattered areas of mineral…

Large Nariño Amphora

CBNR-102 Large Nariño Amphora

Large Bahia de Caraquez - Los Esteros type. Molded solid female figurine. Traces of black ocher and red pigment. Nice overall surface deposits. Repaired from three original pieces with visible…

Bahia de Caraquez Figurine

ECBH-103 Bahia De Caraquez Figurine

Artistically crouched Sukia (medicine man) with pronounced jawline. Sculpted from volcanic basalt stone. Central Highlands / Atlantic Watershed, Costa Rica, c.1000-1500. In Fine condition…

Costa Rican Seated Sukia Sculpture

CR-106 Costa Rican Seated Sukia Sculpture

Heart-shaped bone mask with black surface in front and back  Front outward surface has sgraffito lines cut through to a gray surface. Checkerboard design headdress. Black eyeband and nose with rectangular slits for eyes…

Mayan Skull Bone Mask

Colima Female Flat Figure

A gorgeous Colima flat nude figure. Facial features are well define and strong. She wears a strapped head garment which goes down her back, pierced ear ornaments and a woven sash across her shoulders. This figure exhibits nice symmetry. Also, the abundance of root marks…

Set of 3 Bahia de Caraquez Figurines

A charming trio of small Bahia-type solid standing figurines. Each are sweet and unique. The first wears an elaborate ear and nose ornaments. Applied decorative elements and nice physical features…

ECBH-102 Set of 3 Bahia de Caraquez Figurines

Rare - Machalilla Female Figurine

A choice Machalilla Female solid figurine. One of the most rarest pieces to surface completely intact. Supersedes in form, the modeled figurines of terminal Valdivian “Venus” types. Coffee bean eyes and salient nose. Light orange clay with…

ECMH-103 Rare - Machalilla Female Figurine

Inca Copper Knife

A fancy Inca Copper blade. Cast and hammered on the cutting edge. Total blade is formed in detail of a fisherman with his catch, riding on a Totora or Cattail reed boat. Step design appears on the bottom back end…

ECVA-118 Valdivian Phase 2 Palmer Stone MTMY-103 Pre-Mayan Bone Mask Page 1492 ECBH-104 Bahia De Caraquez Figurine MXMC-120 Michoacan Effigy Vessel
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PEWI-116 Tiwanaku Black Incensario

Valdivian Phase 2-3 Palmer Stone. Incised anthropomorphic features covering the front. Cream colored polished stone. Dendrites spotting throughout. Measures 6"/15,24 cm.…

Valdivian Palmer Incised Effigy

ECVA-132 Valdivian Palmer Stone Effigy PEIC-114 Inca Copper Knife Page 1260

Inca Bronze Jaguar Tumi

Excellent Inca bronze tumi with full size Jaguar. This ceremonial knife has a short thick handle and a rarer oval shaped Half-moon gilded blade. The finial has a very detailed feline lying down on a rectangular platform. Mouth opened with teeth exposed. Eyes, ears…

Vicus Copper Axe “Ai Apec”

An outstanding decorated anthropomorphic blade. Made of copper in traditional Vicús fashion. Symbolic in material, technique and form. Head is depicting the fierce god - Ai Apec. Detail casting with shell embellishments for eyes and teeth.

PEVI-141 Vicus Copper Axe