A very rare “Elites” false head bundle from the Nazca-Huari period. This remarkable mummy face mask head is comprised of Totoro Reed stuffed within a woven cotton gauze. Small individual vibrant orange colored feathers are attached to the front creating the face. Nose bundle is in relief with black feathers being applied for contrast. Eyes and mouth are made from copper sheet and sewn in. The crown is composed of two sections. The lower headband is a woven textile with colorful zoomorphic imagery...

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Meso America
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The Sacred Valley of the Incas: Myths and Symbols
This deeply engraved bone idol is a Dignitary
holding ritual objects. Surrounding the
central figure are decorations of large bands
of geometric shapes with small interlocking
frets that progresses into the back..
A fine symmetric Mezcala anthropomorphic
axe god figure. Type M-8. Carved from grey
Metadiorite stone. Incised features and details
indicated by grooving. Very nice abstract and
artistic piece…

A charming trio of small Bahia-type solid standing figurines. Each are sweet and unique. The first wears an elaborate ear and nose ornaments. All measure over 4" in height. Custom metal stand…  

If you are searching for a book that
ties together Andean mythology, Incan
Historical Data and a new approach to
those applications and relevancies into
today, this book will impress you.

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An exceptional were-jaguar mask.
Made from the favored jade stone. This mask
is considered to be a shaman in the midst of
transformation. Notable for its characteristic
upraised upper lip, bifurcated tongue, curved
fangs and cleft forehead. The Olmec God.
A hardbound CIRAM Scientific Analysts report
is provided.
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PEWI-118 Tiwanaku Large Bone Stele
This second book in the Yale University
Publications in Anthropology series
dedicated to the Machu Picchu collections
Recovered early in the twentieth century
from Machu Picchu by Hiram Bingham…
ECBH-102 Set of 3 Bahia de Caraquez Figurines
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MXOM-115 Olmec Were-Jaguar Mask MXMA-122 Mezcala Axe God Stone Figure MXCO-133C Teotihuacan Ceramic Mask
A very fine molded pottery mask in typical
Teotihuacan fashion. Realistic facial features.
Traditional triangular face with wide forehead.
Remnants of painted headband...
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Chimu Vessel

Burnish brown-ware with vertical spout and strap handle. Though these vessels were mold made, extra care was given here to produce this sweet and naturalistic face. His upper body is textured with smoothing…

PECM-106 Chimu Vessel

Tiwanaku Large Bone Stele

This deeply engraved bone idol is a dignitary holding ritual objects. Surrounding the central figure are decorations of large bands of geometric shapes with small interlocking frets that progresses into the back.

Olmec Jade Celt

A finely made ceremonial Jadeite Celt. Classic Olmec carved facial features. Guiding drill holes at the edges of the eye orbits and the bow shaped mouth. Nose and brow are in relief and softened. The ears are straight tab type with drilled perforations. Also, the body is marked with light incisions. In contrast…

MXOM-105 Olmec Jade Ceremonial Celt

Inca Bronze Jaguar Tumi

Excellent Inca bronze tumi with full size Jaguar. This ceremonial knife has a short thick handle and a rarer oval shaped Half-moon gilded blade. The finial has a very detailed feline lying down on a rectangular platform. Mouth opened with teeth exposed. Eyes, ears…

SAA Latin American Antiquity Journals

Rare Scholarly Publication from the Society for American Archaeology. Complete Run from Volumes 1 to 15 and Volumes 17 to 19. Massive lot of 72 back issued Journals. Packed with articles and reports by professional archaeologists on all aspects of Latin American archaeology and epigraphy. Excellent reference books…

SAA Latin American Antiquities Journals

Kuntur Wasi  - Chavin

Very unique and important Bi-point Native Copper Blade with gorgeous verdigris patina. Kuntur Wasi - Chavin, San Pablo Province Peru c.800 - 550 BC. Length is 19.25"/48.89 cm. This impressive blade is like no other as to it's shape, size, composition and engraving.  Because of the uniqueness, an…

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Taino Duho

A significant and scarce artifact from the Taino culture. Dominican Republic. Ca. 1250-1400 AD. Sat upon by a cacique (chief) in religious ceremonials. This intact Duho is extremely rare and a most unique find. Sculpted from one solid piece of wood and elaborately carved in the…

Miniature Inca Hunchback Figurine

Inca Copper Llama

A charming miniature Capacocha Llama made of copper. Beautifully detailed offering displaying unique bundles that suggests prosperity. Height is 1.25" / 3.175 cm…

PEIC-116 Inca Capacocha Llama

Highly deformed hunchback bronze figure. Nude. Facial features are remarkable. Expressive and detailed. Hunchbacks were seen as an emissary between the Inca people and divinity.…

Manteño Seated Figure Incensario

Attractive and large ceramic incensario. A broad shouldered naked male seated in a frontal pose on a stool with a stepped base. Facial features are incredibly bold and realistic. Wears traditional large disc ear plugs. The shallow…

ECMT-109 Manteño Seated Figure Incensario

A rare example of a very early Guangala figurine from Ecuador, circa 500 BC - 100 AD.  This piece depicts a female with incised patterns that are indicative of jewelry, clothing, and/or possible tattooing/ritual scarification. These figures are mostly misrepresented as from the Machalilla Phase.

Early Guangala Figurine

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Chorrera Frog Vessel

A superb Frog vessel from the Late Formative period of Ecuador. Well made highly polished vessel with two very mystical frogs projecting on both ends. Choice condition. Measures…

ECGG-106 Rare Early Guangala Figural Page 1260

Inca Spondylus Figurine

A charming miniature Capacocha female effigy. Made from the cherished orange Spondylus shell. Would have been covered in clothing and placed with the sacrificial child as an offering to the god. Nicely detailed throughout.

PEWI-118 Tiwanaku Large Bone Stele

Costa Rican Bird Whistles

Lovely set of three Quail Doves flutes from the Chorotega culture, Costa Rica. Buff with some burnished areas. Each flute is designed with two heads opposed top and bottom. Four finger holes produce beautiful tones. Each has its own…

An exceptional Chancay funerary doll with false head. Finely made and unrivaled in size. Composed of wrapped reed, sticks and vegetal fibers. Head is a wooden plank painted red, eyes are diamond shaped in white with a separated attached nose in brown. Serpents...

Large Chancay Funerary Doll

PECH-126 Chancay Funerary Doll
CR-113 Costa Rican Bird Whistles PEIC-147 Inca Hunchback Figure
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PEIC-148 Inca Capacocha Spondylus Effigy
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