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The Andean corded communication system. The cord’s composition, ply, length, end treatment, and color were all significant factors in the quipu’s use and meaning.

This enigma is made of Cotton. Composed of a thicker, 32"/81.28 cm long Primary cord. It contains 65 pedant cords alternating in segmented tan and brown colors. Each pendant varies in length with strategically placed differing type knots representing numeric values.  According to Harvard University's Quipu Data Base Project, there are approximately 600 Quipus in existence in museum, university and private collections around the world.

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The Sacred Valley of the Incas: Myths and Symbols
Original intact wooden handle with
copper Tumi.  Very scarce. The grip
is carved with a standing Jaguar finial.
The handle shows subtle color de-
viation suggesting it was bound...
An adorable set of four miniature
assorted bowls. Black-on-red resist
painted. Each distinctively designed.
Deposits throughout surface with
some rim chips and pitting...

A charming trio of small Bahia-type solid standing figurines. Each are sweet and unique. The first wears an elaborate ear and nose ornaments. All measure over 4" in height. Custom metal stand…  

If you are searching for a book that
ties together Andean mythology, Incan
Historical Data and a new approach to
those applications and relevancies into
today, this book will impress you.

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A well executed bone talisman.
Portraying a dignitary holding ritual
feasting objects. Stylized with inter-
locking Frets pattern on lower half.
This engraved idol resembles the
Ponce Stela at Tiwanaku.
PEMC-102 Moche Jaguar Tumi
Page 1299
A beautiful and naturalistic head
from the Classic period of La Tolita
- Tumaco Culture. Masterfully done
using iconic gray ash enrich clay.
Larger hollow fragmentary piece...
ECLT-102 Classic La Tolita Monte Alto Head PEWI-115 Tiwanaku Bone

Valdivia - Machalilla Venus

A solid Venus figurine from the Machalilla culture, Ecuador. Supersedes in form, the modeled figurines of terminal Valdivian “Venus” types. Coffee bean eyes and salient nose. Light red pigment stripes on face and legs, possible indication of tattooing…

Nicoya Teeth, Stone and Shell Chocker

A gorgeous colorful short choker from Costa Rica. Centered light colored tube stone surrounded by six Tigrillo canines on both sides (twelve in all). All separated by green Jadeite stones and brilliant orange Spondylus shells…

Fine Nariño Globular Vessel

Very large globular vessel from the Piartal cultural complex. Ca. 750 A.D.-1250 A.D. Highland Nariño region. This rare important olla is decorated with symbols of authority. Resist black painted curved canes and spot elements integrated…

On the threshold between two traditions, the new Teotihuacan style emerges. A wealth of details such as an overall naturalistic triangulation of the face with proportional forehead. Sunken almond shaped eyes, fleshy nostrils with better defined nasal labial folds.…

Stunning Chontal Transitional Mask

Huari Copper Mace Head

This six pointed bronze mace head is very stout and has a unique isosceles trapezoid shape. One end is larger than the other. Heavy and adequately size to produce a very damaging weapon. Excellent condition with nice patina. Measures…

PEWI-106 Huari Copper Mace Head

Wari False Head Mask

Rare and exceptional Wari False Head. Wood plank form with inlaid bone teeth and eyes. Purple Spondylus shell pupils. Headband is engraved with avian motifs. All original. Choice.

PEWI-108C Wari Huari False Head Mask CR-112 Nicoya Teeth, Stone and Shell Choker
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ECMH-104  Rare - Machalilla Venus Figurine

Inca Braided Hair Headdress

This extremely scarce ritual hair piece was a garment produced by a class called the "Chosen Women". They were to be worn by a priest during religious ceremonies to call forth the vital forces of nature…

PEIC-104 Inca Braided Hair Headdress

Valdivian Ceremonial Stone

Wonderful large ceremonial hacha from The Valdivian culture, Ecuador. Gorgeous green diorite stone. Highly polished.

These extraordinary large stone axes were symbolic and interred as payment to mother earth...

Classic Monte Alto Head

Another fine example from the classic period of La Tolita Monte Alto Culture. Masterfully sculpted head using iconic ash enrich pottery to produce their wonderful pieces. Highly adorned with…

ECLT-103 Classic Monte Alto Head

Jamacoaque Solid Copper Nose Rings

A rare set of Jamacoaque personal nose ornaments. These items are unique and seldom exhibited. Made of solid copper and are very heavy. Because of their weight…

Tiwanaku Silver Tupu

Beautiful  piece of Tiwanaku art. Tupu pin in silver worn by a higher status noblewomen. Used to fasten cloaks worn around their shoulders, also served as Andean jewelry…

Chancay Cuchimilco

A wonderful large Chancay Cuchimilco Female Figure. Hollowed ceramic earthenware. Body is nice and uniform. Usually found in tombs of the nobility to ward off bad spirits. Measures 23.25”…

A large Tiwanaku Llama Bone engraved with an array of beautiful elaborate iconography. The main dignitary portrays Viracocha holding ritual feasting objects. Above his head are two seated highly ranked individuals in ceremony. Lower portion is heavily stylized with zoomorphic imagery and…

Tiwanaku Elaborate Bone

PEIC-111 Tiwanaku Silver Tupu PECH-109 Chancay Cuchimilco ECVA-102 Valdivian Ceremonial Hacha

Inca Bronze Blade Weapon

A heavy ornamental bronze circular axe blade. Cast and hammered on the cutting edge. Half-moon shaped blade with single support hafting base. Engraved with a series of Jaguar/Puma design on one side and a full face on the other…

PEWI-121 Elaborate Tiwanaku Bone
This second book in the Yale University
Publications in Anthropology series
dedicated to the Machu Picchu collections
Recovered early in the twentieth century
from Machu Picchu by Hiram Bingham…
ECBH-102 Set of 3 Bahia de Caraquez Figurines PEIC-131 Inca - Inka Bronze Weapons MXCH-128 Chontal Transitional Mask
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Teotihuacan Ceramic Mask

A very fine molded pottery mask in typical Teotihuacan fashion. Realistic facial features. Traditional triangular face with wide forehead. Remnants of painted headband. Horizontal eye slits, with nicely formed nose and mouth.

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CBNR-113 Fine Nariño Globular Vessel
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MXCO-133C Teotihuacan Ceramic Mask
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