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Nicely stylized rich Carmel colored Palmar Stone. Notched type. Valdivia Phase 2 (short period). Known to be the first American culture to inscribe humanoid figures to an object. Oxidized from an enriched iron and magnesium matrix. Natural crystallized green vein running horizontal in mid torso.

Choice condition. Measures 6.25" by 3" wide. Santa Elena, Ecuador.  3700 - 3500 BC.  - Very rare.

Palmers Stones represents the earliest known appearance of human figurines in the New World. The range from simple ground plaques (Phase 1) to elaborately carved representations in which the facial features are clearly indicated and hands are depicted as a feather or rake-like design. The stone prisms are turned into human effigies by low relief carving emphasizing  the eyes and hands. The progressive sequence of stone figurines are from the simple rectangular plaque, to plaques with a groove indicating the division between the legs, to the more detailed depiction of the human face and limbs (Phase 2).

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Valdivian Palmar Notched-Incised Stone Effigy
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