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A scholarly set of transitional Valdivian Stone Specimens. Mineral and sediment deposits in microscopic crevices.

Two Formative Period Palmer stones. Each sample type showing the progression involving the creation of the first human effigy in the Western Hemisphere.

Palmer Notched - Phase 1 (2600-2500 B.C.) Groove on lower portion on flat, prism stone, indicating the division of legs.

Palmer Notched Incised - Phase 2 (2500-2300 B.C.) Groove on lower portion on rounded, rectangular stone with upper extremity incised with head and arms. Fair amount of earth deposit remains on lower half.

Santa Elena, Ecuador. Measures 4.5"/11.43 cm,  3.5"/8.89 cm

Delivered in a Black Shadowbox frame

1,825.00 USD
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Valdivian Transitional Stones