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All Items: Argentina: CDHS-113C
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Cemeteries have discovered abstract lithic masks, of obvious religious causality. Each mask presents its own iconic character that impacts with individual personality.

The mouth and eyes are pierced. Eyebrows and nose in relief joined in a T-shape. Zig-Zag steps tattoos below his eyes down into his cheeks. Three small holes for fastening at the top. Catamarca region, Argentina. Condorhuasi-Alamito culture, ca. 500 B.C. - 250 A.D.

Measures 6.5”/16.61cm H; 5.625”/14.29cm W; 2.5”/6.35cm D.

Ref: Before America. Symbols of worship and power in pre-Hispanic cultures. Goretti, Matteo. Ceppa Editions, 2007.

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Condorhuasi Burial Rain Mask