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Tiwanaku Puma Incensario Blackware - Rare

Blackware vessels displaying incised decorations form an important subgroup of Tiwanaku pottery and are classified as fine "Classic" ceramics. This open vessel has a feline/puma head, flat bottom and tail-handle in rear. Sides are incised with a gorgeous large prominent avian decoration. The front chest area displays two vertically aligned closed step pattern.

These vessel were used as ceremonial incense burners/incensarios. Smoke would have accumulated in the head chamber and cascaded out from the slit of the animals open mouth. Altiplano Region, Tiwanaku. Ca. 600 A.D

Measures: 8.75”/22.22 cm L., 5.5”/13.97 cm H.

Provenance: Private Florida Collection

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Tiwanaku Black Incensario
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