Chancay Doll with False Head
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An exceptional Chancay funerary doll with false head. Finely made and unrivaled in size. Composed of wrapped reed, sticks and vegetal fibers. Head is a wooden plank painted red, eyes are diamond shaped in white with a separated attached nose in brown. Wears a yarn wig woven textile headdress embroidered with spiritual serpents. Gauze tunic and textile apron garment. Holds a textile bag with both hands, containing a large string ball. Measures 20"/50.80 cm in length. Extremely Rare. Chancay valley of central Peru. Ca. 1000 - 1250 A.D.

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The Sacred Valley of the Incas: Myths and Symbols
This deeply engraved bone idol is a Dignitary
holding ritual objects. Surrounding the
central figure are decorations of large bands
of geometric shapes with small interlocking
frets that progresses into the back..
An adorable set of four miniature
assorted bowls. Black-on-red resist
painted. Each distinctively designed.
Deposits throughout surface with
some rim chips and pitting...

A charming trio of small Bahia-type solid standing figurines. Each are sweet and unique. The first wears an elaborate ear and nose ornaments. All measure over 4" in height. Custom metal stand…  

If you are searching for a book that
ties together Andean mythology, Incan
Historical Data and a new approach to
those applications and relevancies into
today, this book will impress you.

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Superbly crafted Jamacoaque pectoral
mask depicting a shaman in transformation,
possibly into a dragon or other. Nicely
detailed with crisply incised teeth, horns on
the forehead and excellent paint throughout.
Choice condition.
Page 1299
An excellent Inca copper Axe. Very
symmetric in shape, having a T-form
hafting base and curved blade. This
copper axe was made for someone of
high status. Common utilitarian axes…
PEIC-130 Inca Copper Axe ECBH-102 Set of 3 Bahia de Caraquez Figurines
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art on: click below
ECJM-113 Jamacoaque Shaman Mask PEWI-118 Tiwanaku Large Bone Stele
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Manteño Standing Incensario

A nicely made Manteño Incensario. Standing on a pedestal wearing a wide 6.75" dia. brim hat and large earplugs. Excellent facial features. Used for ceremonial purposes. Brown coloring shows…

ECMT-104 Manteño Standing Incensario

Chontales Trophy Stone Head

This handsome example is made of well finished fine-grained basalt stone. Embellished with strong defined facial characteristics. Pacific coastal region of Costa Rica/Nicaragua. 500AD-1000AD. Measures…

CR-103 Chontales Trophy Stone Head

Bahia Ancestral Stone

A unique Ancestral stone from the Bahia culture, Ecuador. Ca. 500-500 A.D. Curved tusk-like shape with anthropomorphic features incised on the front. Face has ovoid eyes and mouth and a parallel sided nose.  Valdivian flat plaques (Palmer Stone) by contrast are similar…

Jamacoaque Shaman

This extraordinary bold and robust Jamacoaque Feathered Shaman figure stands at an impressive 62cm 24.4 inches. One of the very few of this grandeur that will ever surface. Masterly restored…

ECJM-112 Jamacoaque Shaman

This excellent pre-colonial Inca kero is in an exceptional state of preservation. Possibly Escallonia wood. Three registers with intricately carved geometrical patterns. Centered are diamond shaped color filled pigmented resins with…

Early Inca Kero

PEIC-103 Early Inca Kero

Beautiful in design, this is an unusual colossal cylinder seal. Stamps of this type are usually found at around 2" tall. This massive cylinder is just under 6". Choice. Manabi, Ecuador. 500BC - 500AD.- Take notice…

Colossal Jamacoaque Cylinder Sello

ECJM-105 Colossal Jamacoaque Cylinder Sello

Valdivian Ceremonial Stone Hacha

An excellent and colossal size ceremonial hacha from Ecuador. Made from beautifully mottled greenish-yellow diorite stone. Highly polished. Choice condition. Measures over 17" in height by 10" wide…

ECVA-104 Valdivian Ceremonial Stone Hacha

A lovely anthropomorphic jar from El Angel, Carchi Province of Ecuador. It's double body form is simple yet captivating. Delicate facial features with incised criss-cross patterns on cheeks…

Carchi Anthropomorphic Jar

ECCA-102 Carchi Anthropomorphic Jar

This classic Inca qero has the characteristic Inca form with slightly concave sides, a flat base, and rounded rim. Decoration consists of three incised registers. Immediately under the rim, a gorgeous painted register with images of 5 detailed Jaguars heads, and 5 Suns with halos…

Inca Colonial Era Kero

PEIC-109 Inca Colonial Era Kero

An elegant female ocarina. Expressive example with fine incised surface details. Nice facial features, pierced nose and ears. Beautiful handling of the incised motifs throughout the body. A whistle atop of the head with vent holes…

Guangala Standing Female Ocarina

ECGG-104 Guangala Standing Female Ocarina

Handsome whistling vessel that stands on three tear-shaped legs, manioc tubers or perhaps sweet potatoes, bridge handle on top in the form of an extended monkey. Geometric markings decorate…

Chorrera Manioc Whistling Vessel

ECCH-105 Chorrera Manioc Whistling Vessel

Hold - Pedestal just under 4" by 5" in height.…

Guangala Coatimundi Tazza

ECGG-103 Guangala Coatimundi Tazza

Beautifully artistic flat round seal. Choice condition. Manabi, Ecuador. 500BC - 500AD. Very large. Measures over 3 1/2" in Dia…

Jamacoaque Large Bird Seal

ECJM-108 Jamacoaque Large Bird Seal

Bulbous body with wide mouth opening. Eyes are deeply embossed with all fins pronounced. Burnished orange ceramic. Small area of surface erosion on cheek, otherwise is excellent condition. A rare find.

Tlatilco Fish Vessel

MXTL-119 Tlatilco Fish Vessel

Valdivian Phase 2 Rounded Palmer Stone. Made from course Volcanic stone. Deep incised anthropomorphic features covering the front.

Loma Alta, Ecuador Ca 2500 BC - 2200 BC.  

Valdivian Palmer Stone

ECVA-120 Valdivia Palmer Stone Page 1184
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