Scholarly Publication from the Society for American Archaeology. Complete Run from Volume 1 (1990) to Volume 15 (2004) and Volume 17 (2006) to Volume 19 (2008). Massive lot of 72 back issued journals of Latin American Antiquity. These were published quarterly by the Society for American Archaeology and are packed with articles, reports and reviews by professional archaeologists on all aspects of Latin American archaeology and epigraphy. Most of the issues are around 120 pages in length. These journals are well illustrated with line drawings, photos, graphs, charts, tables, maps, and profiles. Article topics cover all aspects and regions of the archaeology of Latin America, but are focused heavily on Mesoamerica and the ancient Andes.

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The Sacred Valley of the Incas: Myths and Symbols
A sweet Effigy Jar from the Chorrera
culture, Ecuador. Ca. 1000-500 BC.
This open bowl vessel is mold made.
Reddish clay under slip and burnished.
Adolescent in appearance. Wears over-
sized ear plugs (napkin ring type)...

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This rare late Inca vessel is in the
form of a Criollo bull. These robust
cattle were brought in by the
Spanish during the conquest of the
Americas during the…

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This unique war Sling was well
constructed and made of twisted
human hair and braided with Llama
wool. Common huaracas were
generally made with more elaborate
complex braids using multiple
contrast colored Llama fibers. One

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PEIC-119 Inca Warriors Huaraca (Waraka)
This six pointed bronze mace head
is very stout and has a unique
isosceles trapezoid shape. One end
is larger than the other. Heavy and
adequately size to produce a very
damaging weapon. Excellent
condition with nice patina…

Special  965.00 USD

A scholarly set of transitional Valdivian stone specimens. Two Formative Period Palmer stones. Each sample type showing the progression involving the creation of the first human effigy in the Western Hemisphere.

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ECVA-125 Valdivian Transitional Stones
If you are searching for a book that
ties together Andean mythology, Incan
Historical Data and a new approach to
those applications and relevancies into
today, this book will impress you.

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PEIC-122 Inca Criollo Vessel
Pre-Columbian Artifacts for Seasoned and Inspired Collectors Alike
Page 1186

Valdivia 8 (Piquigua Phase) Atahualpa site Ecuador. Ultra Rare near choice stone. Monolith stone block in bas-relief embellished with deep excised carvings on all six sides. Succeeds the Palmar Incised type…

Valdivian Monolith Stone Block

ECVA-111 Valdivian Monolith Stone Block
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Manteño Bone Finial

An Exceptional Manteño Bone Finial of Pachacamac "The Creator". This superb carving expressively insinuates supreme status. High probability of this being made for an extremely high ranked or important individual. Use of bone was very spiritual and a highly valued…

ECMT-102 Manteño/Huancavilca Bone Finial

La Tolita Spondylus Shell Jaguar

A charming feline amulet from La Tolita culture. Made from the important and thick Spondylus Shell. Crouched Jaguar with geometric patterns throughout it’s body. Perforation to nose possibly for suspension. Most certain a status piece.

Colima Coatimundi Vessel

A sweet Colima Coatimundi Vessel. Beautifully molded with typical robust body, coffee bean eyes with playful features. Incised triangular motifs surrounding the neck of the vessel. Nice mineral…

MXCO-102 Colima Coatimundi Vessel

Valdivian Stone Ceremonial Hacha

Finely made Valdivian Ceremonial Stone Hacha. Symmetric and high polished green stone. Custom display stand. Measures 6.25" (16.87cm) tall. 7" (17.78cm) mounted. Choice condition. Ecuador…

ECVA-103 Valdivian Stone Ceremonial Hacha

Inca "Caullama" Conopa with unusual Qocha

A large Inca Caullama Stone Conopa in the form of a heavy fleeced Suri Alpaca. An unusual deep “Torus shaped” qocha (reservoir) ground into back. Passed down in generations from father to the eldest son. Used in…

PEIC-105 Inca "caullama" Conopa

Chorrera Effigy Vessel VesselBowlImplement

An excellent globular effigy vessel from the Chorrera culture, Ecuador. Ca. 1800-300 B.C. Stands over 10" in height. Cream paint over highly burnished red slip. A sweet rectangular face on extended rim with arms painted in front. An additional representation of a bird with outstretched wings in reverse on…

Large Pectoral Manteño Mask

An all black face of beauty. Superb and larger than average size pectoral facial mask from the Manteño culture of Ecuador. Wears the iconic ear and nose ornaments and displays high rank from the engraved…

ECMT-106 Large Pectoral Manteño Mask

Quimbaya Female Retablo

A large and heavy solid unburnished buff slab figure from the Quimbaya culture, Caldas complex. Rarer seated female with extended forward down arms and legs, both adorned with incised bands painted in white. Rectangular shaped head with faint…

CBQB-103 Quimbaya Female Retablo

Tairona Joined Chieftain Jar

A sophisticated and important ceremonial vessel from the Tairona Culture. This unique "Joined Chieftain Jar" represents a unity or marriage between a leading male and female dignitary. The vessels are well tethered by a single strap…

Outstanding Moche/Mochica captive prisoner

An extraordinarily and expressive wooden Moche III captive prisoner. Uniquely made from a piece of the Aphandra (mastodon palm) tree into a human Calero (lime container). The artisan no doubt had…

PEMC-105 Outstanding Moche/Mochica captive prisoner
The Qocha opening is smaller than the inside hole - See Images
CBTR-103 Tairona Double Chieftain Jar

Chone Style Jamacoaque Adolescent Female

A charming standing Jamacoaque adolescent. Adorned with traditional earrings, nose ring and necklace. She wears a heavily designed skirt and matching shoulder tattoos. Remnants of…

ECJM-102 Chone Style Jamacoaque Adolescent Female

Stage 2 Palmer Notched Incised. Carved stone figurine with face and legs indicated (notched).  This Formative culture represents the earliest known appearance of this form of artistic expression in the New World.  Similar examples in Ancient Ecuador - Culture, Clay and Creativity 3000-300 B.C.

Valdivian Palmer Stone

ECVA-117 Valdivian Palmer Stone ECLT-113 La Tolita Spondylus Shell Feline Jaguar ECCH-120 Chorrera Effigy Vessel

Guanacaste-Nicoya Crocodile/Tlaloc Vessel

Large fine reptilian style effigy jar from the Nicoya Region of Costa Rica. This superlative pear-shaped polychrome ceramic vessel has two crocodile heads with a beautiful complex painted motif that stands on hollow rattle tripod legs...

CR-116 Guanacaste - Nicoya Crocodile/Tlaloc Vessel

Wonderful opportunity to expand your collection with this Very Rare and exceptional granulite stone mortar. This superbly made mortar is in the shape of a monkey. Linear design on both top and sides…

Valdivian - Chorrera Ceremonial Monkey Mortar

ECCH-116 Valdivian - Chorrera Ceremonial Monkey Mortar