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All Items: Peru: PEIC-143
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This group of Inca artifacts is made up of one medium sized polychrome Aryballo that sits approximately 9" in height. Main body is slipped in orange with a decorated horizontal band filled with dark red, cream and black. The lower neck and upper rim is trimmed in black. The central plug is shown as a feline with upright ears. Entire vessel shows beautiful root mark discolorations. Condition: Small rim chip repair with one area not restored over break. Otherwise in excellent condition.  Individually - Sold

Wooden Kero measures 6" in height. Ca. 15-16th century. The upper band is incised with diamond shapes followed by a thin horizontal band. Lower half designed with vertical separated chevrons. Beautiful patina. Condition: Normal wood separation with old repair. Otherwise in excellent condition.  $525. USD

A pair of ceremonial Copper Female Effigies from Ecuador. Ca. Late 15th century. Possibly made from same mold. Measuring 2" in height. Each individual have hands held up to they're chest. Their hair and garments appear to be long. Similar examples are housed in The Field Museum - Chicago.  Paired $525. USD

Provenance: Abrams Family Collection, obtained by way of descent. Assembled in the 1960s.

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